Cancellation and Refund


As a general rule, customermay be entitled to cancel the order once placed. Customer may choose to cancel his/her order only before’out for delivery’ status of the order being placed by customer. After the ordered product(s) status ‘out for delivery’ customer cannot cancel his/her order. The order status will be updated (as ‘out for delivery’) only by the Admin of the website. After ‘out for delivery’ shown against any order(s), cancelation on the part of the customer is strictly prohibited. If still required to cancel the order by the customer, he / she may request Admin of Fish Panna with proper reason to cancel the order; and Admin of the Fish Panna may / or may not cancel the order, it totally depends on the part of the Admin.

We will try our level best to serve you with your best satisfaction, despite that for any unavoidable circumstances / or for any unavailability of the products / or for any other problem arise, Fish Panna Admin may cancel your order(s) at any time without giving any information and / or any explanation and / or any notice to you.


For ‘Prepaid / Online Paid’ order(s) or ‘Cash On Delivery’ order(s) customer cannot get any refund after the product(s) is / are delivered.

For ‘Prepaid / Online Paid’ order(s) or ‘Cash On Delivery’ order(s) customer can get the refund if only the cancelation done before ‘out for delivery’ status of the order; and after ‘out for delivery’ status of the order no cancelation and / or no refund will be applicable.

In case of order cancelation by the Fish Panna Admin (for any reason), the full paid amount of the customer will be refunded by the Fish Panna Admin as soon as possible after confirming the amount paid by the customer verifying with the bank account details.

We don’t have any product(s) exchange policy.

Our decision on refunds shall be final and binding.

In case of payment at the time of delivery, you will not be required to pay for:

  1. Order(s) where packaging is either tampered or damaged at the time of delivery;
  2. Wrong order being delivered; or
  3. Items missing from your order at the time of delivery; or
  4. Ordered item(s) is / are not delivered to you.

Provided the same is communicated to Our Customer Care before the order is marked delivered.

Brand is wholly owned by ‘FISHPANNA’.

Legal Jurisdictions  Limited to all courts in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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